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New DBR Feature

Ages ago, we set up a pair of mailing lists for our readers. One is well used in season, dbr-list, for students to discuss cheers and the like. The other, dbr-news, was created so that we could send out breaking news updates and the like. We've not used dbr-news as much as we'd like, but that is about to change.

James has made a few changes to our publishing software so that when we have breaking news, not only can we easily publish it, but with a single click of a button, we can send out an alert to the subscribers to dbr-news. At first, we'll be using this judiciously, to see how you like it. We will tailor our usage of this facility based on your feedback.

If you are not already on this list, it is easy to sign on. You must be a member of My DBR. Select mailing lists, and you can click on dbr-news to subscribe. (If you are a Cameron Crazy, you can also click on dbr-list.) You can use the same interface to unsubscribe.