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Shav Shaves To Five; Williams and May Updates

Shavlik Randolph is down to five schools - officially. 

Al Featherston of the Durham paper spoke to Shavlik's father, Kenny, who said
that the five are Duke,
UNC, Kansas, Florida, and State,
in, he said, no particular order.  He
also addresses the rumors that there was a big fight between JJ Redick and
Shavlik, saying that when he first heard that rumor, Redick had just stayed at
his house the night before.  We try to stay away from recruiting rumors,
because there is no way it can help, really, but we don't mind setting the
record straight when possible. So while we can't tell you our source, we can
tell you that we are very confident that this is in fact just a rumor. 
There was no big fight.

Incidentally, Stanford has dropped off the list.  Maybe they can find some
other reason to whine.

In other news, Thad "The Mummy" Mumau thinks
Duke will get Shelden Williams soon,
as do a few other recruiting writers,
and the signs that John Gilchrist is about to pick State are stronger than ever.

Also, Kurt O'Neill has a new interview with Sean May, who mentions that Indiana, North Carolina, and Louisville are in the "best shape" for his services.