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Torin Francis Update!

The Torin Francis situation has UNC, Notre Dame, and UVa fans all bent out of shape. It's really very funny.

Kurt O' Neill spoke to Francis, who said that he
will not be announcing Monday.
We saw this on the Notre Dame board,
where they also say that Zeke Martin, the Joe Pesci of the college basketball
recruiting world (the similarity is startling, even if the accent is different) called
Francis for UNC
- but no longer. Meanwhile, UVa fans say that Mrs. Francis
wants details on academics

Speaking of Zeke, here's
his comments on the situation,
with the bizarre comment that "UNC will
not attend UNC." Sounds like something Gertrude Stein might have
said. Ok, it's a typo, but a funny one. In most of his posts, he also keeps
mentioning the mother,
which after a while comes across as a giant
wink-wink, nudge-nudge.

Come to think of it, here's a visual image: Joe Pesci telling everyone that something is definitely going to happen, then, when he's wrong and the crowd turns to leave, saying "wait, wait, here's what's really going to happen!" And then he chases after the departed.