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A Schedule Note/Defense

Our pals at took a whack at us for making fun of State's
schedule but not calling San Diego State a patsy. But they're not, and ESPN
backs us up.
They have a
big-time transfer in Tony Bland
who split Syracuse for the Aztecs, and Andy
Katz pegs them as a potential NCAA team and almost certainly an NIT team.

years ago, SDSU was 5-22. Last year, they were 14-14. This year, there is even

They play in the Mountain West, a tough conference actually, with
Utah, BYU, Wyoming, UNLV, and New Mexico - five solid basketball schools.

a nutshell, Duke will be favored, and heavily, but San Diego State is not
a pushover. As a matter of fact, we're not sure State could take
them. Which is why they scheduled Elon!