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Oops! The Missing Schedule

As several of you pointed out, we missed Wake's schedule last night. Hey, it was late, what can we say. So here it is, and actually, it's an intriguing schedule.

Patsy Patrol: Wilmington, Elon, SC State

Middling: St. Francis, Richmond, Navy

Toughies: Minnesota (challenge), Preseason NIT, Cincinnati, St. John's, Marquette, Kansas

This is a really good schedule, actually. We think Wake could beat any of the tough teams, though Kansas at Kansas is tough - but no tougher than Duke at Duke or Maryland at Maryland.

Danger, Will Robinson! Richmond and Navy. Both smart, both well coached and very dangerous.

We wonder how much of this was Prosser and how much Odom, but whoever did it gets credit.

One final point: Skip Prosser knows how to beat Cincinnati.