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Boozer Ripped

Boozer got bashed by Mike DeCourcy,
who questions his heart. He says
that the Maryland game, in Durham where he broke his foot, was the only game
where he showed his potential.

We'll say this, and then we'll shut up: Carlos Boozer plays for a superb
motivator. He was beginning to put it together when he broke his
foot. He recovered in a stunningly short period of time, considering his
size and the amount of pressure his feet take, and was an excellent player in
the Final Four.

So the question DeCourcy missed, it seems to us, is a) why did Boozer's
development take off just before he got hurt, and b) how could a guy who is
disinterested come back from a major foot injury and play better?
DeCourcy is asking the wrong questions.

We have a pretty good idea of what the answer is, but we ain't telling.

Our bet is this is in the locker room by tomorrow.