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FITS Punts Over To The Hill!

Your football following FITS flapped on over to Chapel Hill the other day
to watch first year pigskin coach John Bunting put his team through
pre-season workouts, and he arrived just in time to see Tarheel punter
Blake Ferguson quit the team and head home to Oklahoma.

And while young Blake had nothing bad to say about the Baby Blues, citing
homesickness for his untimely egress, the irascible Bunting found comfort
on the low road, accusing Ferguson of cowardice.

"I think he's afraid," Bunting said. "I think he's agraid to go out and
kick against his brother at Oklahoma. He'd rather travel home and watch
the game."
Evidently afraid that he hadn't sufficiently belittled his former punter,
Bunting cranked up another testicularly aimed shot: "It seems to me as if
he's afraid to compete."