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An Interesting Read

Steve sends us an interesting link from the NY Times by Jamila Wideman, about pickup hoops in the South.

Wideman, if we're not mistaken, is the daughter of John Edgar Wideman, and if so, played ball at Stanford. She's also
a pretty good writer although the second page of this story kind of falls apart, possibly due to poor proofreading.

Part of her journey brings her through Durham, and her perspective is interesting and valuable, though we didn't know about
the Cameron family plantation, or if Eddy Cameron was even part of the same family.

Historical aside: the lack of decent roads and navigable rivers made it very difficult to develop a plantation economy in
North Carolina, though the state did send more soldiers to war than any other state in the Confederacy.

Wideman has had more than his share of tragedy in life. We seem to remember something tragic happened to his son, and his brother
is in prison for life
, having murdered someone.