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Chained To The Post!

Chris Burgess, who you will recall left Duke unhappy because he was asked to
bulk up and play inside, went to Utah, where
he's being asked inside.

Bereft of big men (who says we can't turn a phrase), beefy Rick Majerus is
begging Burgess to be a bruiser. In retrospect, the transfer looks
not-too-bright, but he was apparently unhappy, and hindsight is 20-20.

One of the things we don't think anyone has commented on after the
championship is to recall how crassly Ken Burgess dismissed Shane Battier,
calling him "Shane Krzyzewski." Hard to believe that doing what
your coaches ask you to do can pay off, huh?

Anyway, we'll be interested to see how Burgess does this year. It's
pretty much his last hurrah, so let's hope it's good.