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Some Stuff From The Nike Camp

Mike DeCourcy has some
notes from the Nike camp,
with the most interesting part being the matchup
between Shavlik Randolph and Amare Stoudemire. DeCourcy thinks that
Stoudemire clearly got the best of the matchup. However, Dave Telep says
that Shavlik's foot is still
bothering him.
In a minor conflict which means someone has to be
wrong, either DeCourcy or Telep, or us, while DeCourcy talks about the matchup,
Telep says it didn't go off. Chances are we misunderstood.

Incidentally, it occurred to us last night that Shavlik's name has really
developed a mystique. Imagine for a minute if he were named Ronnie
Randolph instead of Shavlik. Getting named Shavlik was a good career move.

Actually, we think he is named Ronald (or Ronnie) Shavlik Randolph and goes
by Shavlik.