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Dascenzo's Odd Riff

Remember how we said Frank Dascenzo sometimes has a fine sense of death and
destruction? He has a weird little column up today belittling
the idea of a Duke dynasty.
It's not that he doesn't have a point - it
won't last forever, and in basketball, anything is possible. The wheels
have come off of better teams before. But keep in mind this is the guy who
long ago said that K was daft for not going zone and we got the clear impression
that he didn't think he was up to the job.

Then again, maybe an annoying Duke fan just called up and rubbed him the
wrong way. We can understand how that could happen. It happens here from time to
time, too. Don't get us wrong, we know what side we're on, but that's not to say
that Duke fans are above being annoying. Trust us on this one.