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Truly Horrible Radio

Recently we've listened to a few minutes of the Jim Rome show. While we
appreciated that he mentioned our "Just Say No" T-shirts on the air a
while back (he thought they were funny), his show is not easy to listen to.
Frankly, it's horrible.

When 850 the Buzz here dumped the Fabulous Sports Babe, we thought that was a
major improvement. But Rome is even worse. First, he tends to whine a lot.
Second, and probably more importantly, his voice is just horrible.
It's not a radio voice. The local guys on 850 are, you know, fairly
average as sports radio goes, though Adam Gold gets points for being properly
bellligerent at times. But they are so much better than Rome it's not
funny. He's really just about impossible to listen to. We'd love to see
The Buzz do something imaginative with that slot, like maybe, say, inviting
local college students to audition. You could have a great show with a panel of
kids from Duke, UNC, and State.