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Stickdog Checks Out Of Vegas!

More Stickdog in Vegas!  We understand Stickdog got to hang around with
some legendary Duke fans - you guys know who you are! Sounds like a great time,
and more hoops than anyone needs to boot!  Photos by the artist formerly
known as Stickbitch (now known as Stickpony).


Sean Dockery
Shavlik Hits The Boards!
K & Wojo, ready for a Blizzard
Lee Melchionni
Michael Thompson
Curtis Withers

6'10" Michigan State-bound Paul Davis--a legitimate candidate for a top 10 player in the rising senior class--tossed in 34 impressive points in a extraordinary effort for the Michigan Mustangs to knock the Cinderella Raleigh Heat team out of the Adidas Big Time open tournament. Mike Thompson had a HUGE 28 points, many in Davis' face, including nearly double digit power dunks and a late 18 footer.

Florida recruit Matt Walsh put in a hard fought 23, but he struggled with his outside shooting for most of the game. Shavlik Randolph seemed a little bothered by the physical play of the Mustangs, and he wasn't on from the perimeter either despite his typically fine shooting form. However, Shav had some amazing plays on offense and defense. He finished with 10 points and about 8 rebounds and 5 blocks before fouling out. Shav was in foul trouble most a the game, and his precarious situation was compounded by some questionable calls on both sides of the floor.

Sean Dockery had a fantastic game even though his team was also knocked out Saturday evening. The Illinois Fire team was missing its second best player, streak shooting but high scoring Purdue verbal 6'6" Melvin Buckley, and no one else played particularly well for the Fire. Still, Sean kept his team in the game until the final buzzer. He hit 3 big threes and again looked great from the free throw line. He also dropped his usual buck's worth of sweet dimes on his way to an impressive 24 point performance with his team's back against the wall versus a deeper, more athletic and inspired New Orleans Jazz squad. The Jazz have been led by a very impressive and underrated 6'8" Curtis Withers as well as the heady and athletic 6'7" Derek Burditt.

All in all, Thompson, Dockery and Randolph played wonderfully in this tournament, with Dockery leading his team to the final 32 despite the loss of Buckley, and Randolph and Thompson leading the Heat to the final 16 with a 6-1 tournament record against very talented competition, despite the loss of Thompson for 2 important games. In particular, big Mike made a huge statement to all those who may have questioned his ability in the past. Even though Mike's potential is such that he has loads of room for improvement, his current performance level puts him among the very best players in his class right now. He was simply the best true center at the Big Time tournament.