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Here's Hoping They Didn't Buy Cars...

ESPN has an interesting article up on Arizona's
draftees, and what has transpired for them. 
Only Richard Jefferson
went first round, of course, though Loren Woods got a break when Minnesota
drafted him, since they don't get a first round pick (bad Kevin! Bad!) for
awhile.   But the brave talk is there, at least for Gilbert Arenas,
who says he'll be one of the five best rookies by the end of next season. 

They were factually incorrect in one sense: Duke's four draftees all went
first round, and three were in the lottery.

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Here's another article about guys who
took the gamble and didn't get drafted
, and what the future holds for them
now. It's not very appealing for many.  Maurice Evans may end up in the
NBDL, where, one astute observer says, "He'll go back to his $30 motel and watch Texas-Arizona on TV and watch them talk about Brandon Mouton when it could have been
him." Que sera.

And to catch up with Damien Wilkins, Gerald's idea of a #1 draft pick, he is
having trouble getting interest from schools. Florida doesn't want him, Illinois
shows no passion, and that leaves him with Georgia or possibly Seton
Hall.   The draft was daft, but this is a shame.  Team Stupid
continues their tour of the bolgias of arrogance. 

A quick word about Herb Sendek's transfers: we don't know the deal with all
of them, but we know the deal with three. One was talented but lazy and didn't
work hard enough to keep his spot,  one was homesick for a girlfriend and
went back (reportedly he later changed his mind but Sendek had moved on), and
one was referred to by another ACC coach as "wacko," and in his case
it was probably better for everyone that he left.  Oh, and Ivan Wagner, who
left early, was a typical transition player, a guy who didn't fit the new
coach's plans.