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Tour De Lance!

Viva Lance Armstrong! His
huge win in the Tour De France was spectacular
, and as you may remember, we
respect him immensely for his comeback and his brilliance at what he does.
But there is something that bugs us.

Why does the world's greatest cyclist
cycle for a team sponsored by an organization legendary for not beng able to get
where it says it will get on time - the U.S. Postal Service? Here's a
challenge - give Lance Armstrong a letter in Boise and give one to the USPS and
see who gets to Iowa City first. Our money's on Lance!

By the way, for all you enterprising M.B.A.'s/sports freaks, here's an idea: why not start some international games which have no restrictions on drug use? Frankly, we never understood why, with such a great slogan (All the sugar and twice the caffeine!), Jolt Cola never made it. Oh, yeah the taste sucked. Ooops. These games would be the Jolt Cola of athletic competition.

It would certainly be interesting to see how a drug-friendly international games would go over.

Incidentally, we mention it because of the suggestions that Armstrong is doping, but we don't buy it. Why would he? The man almost lost his life. What sense would it make to endanger it again? He's been there already.