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Iron Duke deadline extended

The deadline for Iron Duke pledges has been extended to August 10. We've received the following mail here at the DBR Home Office:

The 2001-02 Iron Dukes Men's Season Basketball Priority Deadline has been extended from Wednesday, July 31 to Friday, August 10 because the majority of Iron Dukes members have not yet received their pledge cards in the mail!

For those members who have not already submitted their pledge via email or by telephone (919-613-7575) to the Iron Dukes office, please return your completed pledge card by the above date if you'd like to be included in the Men's Season Basketball Ticket priority allocation. As you may recall, the Stadium level for a pair of seats for those who had season tickets in 2000-01, and who are not grandfathered in, will be $4,000. For those who did not have season tickets, the Stadium level will be $5,000. Additionally, the 2001-02 ACC Tournament level for all donors will be $8,000 (priority deadline - Nov. 30).

Thank you for your patience and continued support.