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Jealousy Looks Good In Baby Blue!

There is an article on which attacks Duke basketball with more venom than usual. The basic argument is this: UNC basketball is still superior.

Problem is, the writer is still running on Dean fumes, and Dean is goneDean is unquestionably better or that Duke isn't as good as UNC is . One of the standard things UNC fans like to say now that they can't say that Duke, and K, don't have as much class.

You know how it goes - that guy over there is always talking about relationships, and it's all about me, me, me, plus he cries like a baby, and have you ever listened to the mouth on that guy?

Oh, sorry, that would be Matt Doherty.

So they can't say that anymore, and they can't say that UNC is on Duke's level right now, though that will likely change to some extent, and they can't say that Dean has more national titles, and they can't even say UNC has more than Duke anymore. So what's left but personal attacks?

We'll leave the last word with Charles Barkley, who said this to Kenny Smith on draft night. Smith couldn't think of a thing to say in return.

"Hey, Kenny, we've got bad news for you. It's not a rivalry any more. Duke's a lot better than Carolina. There's no rivalry any more."