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It's Gotta Be The Shoes!

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Here's a long and interesting article from the Post on how
Nike and adidas try to get kids in their shoes.
The funny thing is,
Tyson Chandler signed a $1.75 million dollar contract with Nike, which
surely isn't chicken feed. But he signs as a virtual unknown, outside of
recruiting circles. With salary caps and so forth, what a lot of guys
aren't getting is the simple DBR principle, which Shane Battier is illustrating:
there is no salary cap on endorsements.

Having spent four years in college, Battier has significant assets to
market: his reputation and personality. He'll get a shoe contract as well,
but he'll get a lot of stuff Tyson Chandler won't get, at least not anytime

Also, here's one we haven't linked yet,
a Dan Wetzel column on camps.