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Important Iron Duke Info!!

This came over the transom today. Important information for Iron Dukes!! Read

If you're considering being an Iron Duke this year, or know someone who is, you may want to know this:

I just talked with Carol Brantley in the Iron Dukes office, and asked whether I would shortly be receiving pledge information. She responded that the mailing had gone out last Tuesday BUT that the office is aware that a large number of people have not yet received the information. They are taking pledges over the phone as a result.

At this time, the pledge deadline for basketball season ticket priority is STILL July 31, 2001 (a.k.a. 1 week from today), although the office may extend that deadline. I've had a pledge form faxed to me, and will be happy to share it if anyone wants a copy - or you can get the Iron Dukes to fax you one.

So, let's get the forms in the right hands! We may well lose some longtime loyal fans from Cameron this year - but not like this!