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Big Dan Weighs In On The Greatest!

Our pal Daniel Kowalski, Australian Olympian and swimming hero, took issue
with our hailing Lance Armstrong as the world's greatest athlete.  He makes
a good point, and Ian Thorpe is only 18 and is incredibly talented.  But we
stand by our original point: anyone who gets a chunk of muscle mass cut out and
who not only regains his previous level but who is forced to completely overhaul
his technique and start from scratch and gets better - well, it's hard to be
much more incredible than that.  Thorpe is an incredibl athlete, and can
he still be just 18? The greatest swimmer since Spitz? Quite likely. Better than
Spitz? You tell us!  

Now i am biased but i don't consider him to be the greatest athlete.  At the moment, i would say
it's a draw. Aussie swimmer Ian Thorpe is just as dominant as Armstrong. 

The 18 year old just broke his 11th individual world record last night in winning the 400m free at the world champs in Japan. 

Like I said I'm biased, he's a great kid who has so much ability it is scary. 
He holds the world record from 200m to 800m freestyle and is on the two Aussie relays the set world records at the 
Olympics last year. Could you see Maurice Green or Marion Jones holding the world record from 100-1500m on the track??

I don't know who he is comparable to other than Armstrong....though at the end of the day anyone who overcomes cancer like that and is dominant is probably the greatest, but it makes for a very good argument. 
Just though id throw my two cents worth in