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It's Francois Time!!

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In June, we told you about Francois Gordon, a Duke lacrosse player who
was hit by an automobile in Chicago. 
If you've ever been there, you
likely noticed that almost every car is a domestic, and that means it weighs a
lot.  Not that we know what kind of car it was, and not that it matters.
Hit is hit. But man, Midwesterners do love Detroit.

Anyway, we're pleased to report that she's making significant progress. She
has been moved to rehab, and that means that she has survived the initial trauma
and, obviously, is no longer in a coma.  

She has, as we said, made great progress and is starting to do some things for
herself now, though she still
has a long ways to go. 

Anyway, all this is a way of saying time for a mail bomb!  We want to
ask everyone here to e-mail her, and, if you have time, to send a get-well
card.   You can find the e-mail address on the page linked above.
Well, heck, that's slack, here it is:  

She is at the Mt. Pleasant Rehab Center at Sinai
in Baltimore.  There's an address below. 

It occurs to us that we know that an awful lot of you out there are really
good people, and so we want to start an idea here, and this would be, we think,
pretty cool. The e-mail and cards are great, but what if - stay with us here -
what if we could really fill her room with
What if she opened her eyes and saw just brilliant colors
everywhere?  Wouldn't that be the coolest thing in the world? If lots of
people just let her know they cared what happened to her?

From what we hear, she's fighting like heck,  and for someone with that
kind of spirit, what a pick-me-up that would be.  So if you're flush, and
you are feeling generosity wash over you like a kick-ass full court D, why not
spread the joy?  There are three ways you can be part of it - just pick at
least one ;)

Sinai Hospital of Baltimore
2401 West Belvedere Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21215