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Robert Whaley Update

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Robert Whaley, post-trial, says
he's trying to get his life back in order.
He was not convicted, the
jury split, and Missouri of course decided not to maintain their scholarship
offer, something he's obviously unhappy about.

It's a tough call for Quin Snyder, needless to say. A guy who is on
trial for raping a 13-year-old, and who is described as being suicidal,
homicidal, and bi-polar - well, that would scare almost anyone away.

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Since he was neither found guilty or innocent, there's not much to say about
the charges, but we can say this, and we'd say it about anyone: we hope he is
serious about pulling his life together. He has had, as he says, two big
chances and didn't take either one seriously enough. Eventually, as Chris
Washburn will testify, people give up on you no matter how talented you
are. We hope that Whaley pulls it together. Basketball is really pretty
secondary to life.