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A Stickdog Insight To Remember

When you read Stickdog's comments on JJ Redick, you get an understanding of
why his insights are valuable. All bolded comments by DBR:

JJ has a quick release and picture-perfect form and rotation on his jumper.
When he is on, it’s surprising when he misses. He’s also added the ability
to drive, and he finishes at the hoop extremely well with dunks, floaters and
especially reverses. He’s trying to get better at creating his shot off the
dribble against the best competition, and he’s occasionally had a hard time
getting his jumper to fall in these situations. This is a good sign. JJ has
already secured his future with the team of his dreams and he has the luxury of
using this summer to play to his weaknesses. Other recruits are coming at him
hard to try to make their own reps,
and rather than rubbing them off screens
and making them look silly, JJ is playing them at their own game and holding his
own. He’s come so far since last summer that it’s hard to believe that he
won’t scale this wall just as easily. Basically, the only knock on JJ is
that the quickest and strongest can get by him and/or lock him up. But that's
what help and screens are for, so this “weakness” is more of a comment on
summer ball than on JJ’s obviously enormous value as a college wing guard.

Just to be clear, when other guys are running around getting excited about
dunks, and verticals, Stickdog, who is not a professional guru, is looking at
guys with common sense, skepticism, and some insight. The various guys who
try to rate players base it almost exclusively on physical talent, which is not
the smartest way to do it.