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Stickdog's Final Nike Report, Photos Added!

Here's a simply awesome recap by Stickdog of the recruits at Nike. It's an absolutely brilliant account. We've now added Stickbitches photos to the story. Thanks to the Stickpack!

Nike All-America Camp: The Stickpack’s Final Wrap at Indy

K and Wojo Taking Notes
Michael Thompson
Jordan Kent
Eric Wilkins
Torin Francis & Shavlik
Shelden Williams
Shavlik Randolph
Redick, Rand, & Gordon
Redick & Alexander

Baker, Bass & Brunner
Alexander Johnson
Amare Stoudemire
Rashad McCants
Cortez Davis
Denham Brown
Evan Burns
Hayden, Stoudemire, Alleyne
Kelenna Azubuike

This is my final Nike All-America Camp report. I have limited my reports to rising high school seniors simply because there is a long way to go before 2003 and 2004 recruiting gets hot and heavy. When the summer evaluation season is over, I will file a report on my overall observations of the best prospects in the rising junior and sophomore classes. For now, I’ll just mention that of the 2003 class, 6’6” Brian Randle, 6’3” Michael Jones, 6’8” Ndudi Ebi, 6’3” Dion Harris, 6’1” Shannon Brown, 6’2” JR Reynolds, 7’2” Shagari Alleyne, 6’2” Dwan Youman, 6’1” Jeremy Ingram, 5’10” Taurean Minor, 6’6” Luol Deng, 6’2” Richard McBride, 6’9” Kenneth Harris, 6’6” Devon Evertsen, 6’6” Corey Gibbs, 6’2” Michael Bush, 6’4” Tim Morris, 6’2” Dane Bradshaw, 6’4” Wendell White, 6’9” Grant Billmeier and 6’7” Akini Adkins were my favorite performers. In addition, all six of the rising sophomores invited to the Nike Camp--6’8” Brian Johnson, 6’7” Kalen Grimes, 6’7” DJ White, 6’1” JamesOn Curry, 6’11” Roy Hibbert and 6’1” Daniel Gibson--played quite spectacularly considering their young age.

No one I talked to at Nike could tell me how to classify 6’9” 210 lbs. BF Ousmane Konate, a skilled, talented and active interior force who just recently arrived in the United States from Senegal. Even though he is currently a student without a recruiting class, Ousmane’s impressive bundle of raw athleticism, boundless energy, defensive prowess and polished post moves deserves special mention. Ousmane sometimes forced off-balance shots, handled when he should have passed or camped out in the lane on offense, but with slightly refined court sense his multifaceted game would be welcome at dozens of major college programs.

I mentioned 20 players on my last report: 9 point guards, 5 tremendous athletes and 6 “undersized” power forwards. With the understanding that many of these fine players belong near the top of any discussion of the best prospects at Nike and the standard caveat about the dubious accuracy of any ranking of recruits, here are the 40 remaining seniors who most impressed me last week.

Amare Stoudemire - 6’9” 240 lbs. 8’3” reach NBA BF (Cypress Creek HS, Clemson, VA)

A excerpt of my notes on Amare: “dunk, block, monster rebound, dunk, monster dunk, block, monster block, dunk, rebound, block, dunk, dunk, rebound-follow-dunk, block, block, rebound, block, dunk, block, dunk, … ” Well, I think you get the idea, and I just got tired of writing “monster.” I mean, this guy was dunking with his armpits.

Here are two important things everyone should know about Amare:

#1. He has no perimeter game whatsoever.
#2. It doesn’t matter.

Rashad McCants - 6’3” 194 lbs. 8’3” reach W (New Hampton HS, Ashville, NC) UNC verbal

When he is hitting his threes and midrange shots, he's got just about everything possible going. This guy simply put on a show in Indianapolis, and there was no one who did more for his team in more ways than Rashad. Yes, he’s an undersized 3-4 at heart, and he can get frustrated when things aren’t going his way. But when he’s really on, folks sitting a court away can’t help but notice him because he hoops it up like a fireworks finale that just won’t stop.

Shelden Williams - 6’8” 228 lbs. 8’4” reach BF (Midwest City HS, Midwest City, OK)

I really don’t know what I can say about Shelden that I haven’t said already. Yes, Shelden has a lot of room to improve every facet of his game. Yes, Shelden would probably be better served by concentrating on perfecting his interior game and then moving out to the perimeter. But there is something about watching Shelden that simply replaces all this objective analysis with one fervent wish--that he’ll be playing on your team for as long as he plays the game.

Evan Burns - 6’7” 208 lbs. 8’5” reach WF (Fairfax HS, Los Angeles, CA)

Evan was incredibly impressive in Indy, often looking like a man against boys. He’s a big and strong wing with a very nice handle and good form and elevation on his perimeter shot. He’s not the most fundamentally sound defender, but he uses his generally superior strength and athleticism to get the job done. He has a pretty smooth court demeanor that calls to mind last season’s Kareem Rush, and he has a nose for loose balls and rebounds. This may all sound very nice, but so far I’ve just been beating around the bush--the Nobody-Can-Stop-Evan-Burns-From-Going-To-The-Hole bush, to be botanically precise.

Shavlik Randolph - 6’8” 208 lbs. 8’7” reach F (Broughton HS, Raleigh, NC)

Shavlik was obviously hurting, and he didn’t have the dominant camp that some predicted he would. In spite of this, it was very easy to see just how good this guy can be. Let me get his weaknesses out of the way. Shav obviously needs to get much stronger. He must practice converting in heavy traffic and when he’s being fouled. He’s got to get after it on the boards with a little more intensity, and he needs to use his sweet stroke to set up his pretty drives to the hoop. But don’t get the idea that Randolph is a poor finisher, rebounder or shooter, because he’s anything but. I could go on all day about what I like about Randolph but it really comes down to one word: skills. Randolph’s got skills like San Francisco has hills, Latin America has bills and Republicans have Wills. And that might be an understatement, folks.

Torin Francis - 6’10” 220 lbs. 8’8” reach BF/C (Tabor Academy, Roslindale, MA)

Torin had an extremely impressive Nike Camp. He’s a prototypical college big man. He’s not quite as big and strong as Thompson, and he's not as skilled as Randolph, especially when it comes to handling and bombing. But he's got a lot of both of these players rolled into one fine package. Torin is well schooled in a number of effective post moves--including the drop step, the baseline spin, and the up and under. Although he’s not a consistent outside threat yet, he has some surprising range on his jumper as well. He’s extremely active on defense and under the boards, and he strong enough in the post to more than hold his own with the best in his class.

Chris Rodgers - 6’3” 190 lbs. 8’0” reach G (Woodrow Wilson HS, Portland, OR) ARIZONA verbal

Chris is a player who is very easy to love. He’s a smooth as silk combo guard who doesn’t get flustered. He uses change of speed dribbling (not quickness) to get by anyone he wants. It’s fascinating to watch him flash a few dribble hesitations until one hypnotizes his man just long enough for Chris to leave the poor guy covering his shadow. But that’s not all Chris has in his bag of tricks. He knocks in the three off the dribble, delivers precision passes to cutting teammates, snares defensive boards, zips coast to coast and makes good decisions on the break. He can even dunk over shot blockers when he has a mind to. If he wants to stay with the quickest college point guards, he’ll need to upgrade his lateral quickness. He also needs to take a little better care of the ball against relentless pressure. The only other weakness I saw was his propensity to create for himself over others, but his generally unreliable teammates may have been forcing these decisions because Chris delivered a couple bucks worth of sweet dimes during 3-on-3 play.

Alexander Johnson - 6’7” 224 lbs. 8’5” reach BF (Dougherty HS, Albany, GA) GEORGIA verbal

Johnson missed the second half of the Nike camp, so I didn’t get to see enough of him. But what I saw, I liked--I mean, really, really liked. His burgeoning perimeter talent took me by surprise. He hit a couple threes, he took it coast to coast and he drove to the hoop from the perimeter without looking out of his element. Alexander is a fine athlete with quickness, strength and skills. He may not have as many moves or as much polish as some of the more heralded players in his class, but he’s extremely quick under the basket and the moves he has are impressive, effective and anything but mechanical.

Rashad Anderson - 6’4” 205 lbs. 8’1” reach W (Kathleen Senior HS, Lakeland, FL)

Rashad had a tremendous five days at Nike. He proved that he can absolutely fill it up from the perimeter whether slicing or swishing. He hit what seemed like dozens of threes off the dribble--including a couple of 25 footers. When he was on, it didn’t matter how he was guarded because he was going off for 20+ regardless. He has good elevation and rotation, and he follows his shot well. When he’s guarded too closely or he’s having trouble finding his range, he crashes the hoop very effectively and finds a way to score or draw the foul. He doesn’t give up anything easy on defense, and he plays tougher during crunch time because he obviously hates to lose. His handle is nice for a forward, but he could use a better one if he wants to develop into a full-time guard. His free throw form could also use a bit of work. But when it comes to putting pressure on defenses, Rashad is definitely the real deal.

JJ Redick - 6’4” 194 lbs. 7’11” reach WG (Cave Spring HS, Roanoke, VA) DUKE verbal

JJ has a quick release and picture-perfect form and rotation on his jumper. When he is on, it’s surprising when he misses. He’s also added the ability to drive, and he finishes at the hoop extremely well with dunks, floaters and especially reverses. He’s trying to get better at creating his shot off the dribble against the best competition, and he’s occasionally had a hard time getting his jumper to fall in these situations. This is a good sign. JJ has already secured his future with the team of his dreams and he has the luxury of using this summer to play to his weaknesses. Other recruits are coming at him hard to try to make their own reps, and rather than rubbing them off screens and making them look silly, JJ is playing them at their own game and holding his own. He’s come so far since last summer that it’s hard to believe that he won’t scale this wall just as easily. Basically, the only knock on JJ is that the quickest and strongest can get by him and/or lock him up. But that's what help and screens are for, so this “weakness” is more of a comment on summer ball than on JJ’s obviously enormous value as a college wing guard.

DeAngelo Alexander - 6’3” 194 lbs. 8’4” reach WG (Midwest City HS, Midwest City, OK)

This graceful and smooth shooting wing guard gets better and better every time I see him. He’s got a sweet three-point bomb, a soft midrange shot, and courage and efficiency at the hoop. He bodies right up on defense and stays in front of all but the very quickest wings. Knowing where most folks rate Alexander, I really tried to find the weaknesses in DeAngelo’s game, but the task wasn’t easy. He's not super quick and he's not super explosive. He could use some strength to finish at the hoop against power forwards and centers, and he could use a little more quickness and/or a slicker handle to make himself even more of a slashing threat. But that's the best I can do for weaknesses because this guy basically has it all.

Sean May - 6’7” 269 lbs. 8’9” reach BF/C (Bloomington North HS, Bloomington, IN)

May is another kid who has the total package. He’s a heady passer with a soft jumper and even softer hands. He can dominate the boards with his wide body and long arms, and he overpowers lighter foes near the hoop. His footwork is almost textbook, and it’s impossible to move him out of position. But even though he’s the most skilled big forward around, he's not nearly as valuable to his team when he masquerades as a small forward and he’s about as far from a run jump athlete as a top 15 prospect can get. Right now, it’s hard to envision how May can successfully transform himself into an NBA caliber wing forward. Of course, that’s incredibly good news for some lucky college (read: IU) in today’s strange world of “potential” millionaires. What isn’t hard to imagine is how dominant Sean will be on the college level if he commits himself to peak fitness and conditioning.

Jimmy McKinney - 6’2” 173 lbs. 8’0” reach G (Vashon HS, St. Louis, MO) MISSOURI verbal

Jimmy is trying to make the transition from dominant scoring wing to lead guard. Although he’s having some obvious growing pains, his talent level is even more obvious. There were many times when he passed up an open shot to pass to a less accurate teammate, but he demonstrated enough off the dribble scoring from downtown and in to let folks know where his bread is buttered. McKinney gets up so high on his shot release that he seems to have jets in his shoes. His first step is dynamite and he uses more slick shtick than Dennis Miller to make his way to the bucket. Even if the point guard rework doesn’t take, McKinney’s overall game should improve for the experience.

Kennedy Winston - 6’6” 195 lbs. WF (Pritchard HS, Blount, AL)

Winston plays good like a high-flying wing should. He’s a superior athlete who uses his amazing springs to tip in misses, snare caroms, knock back weak attempts, and release his shot far above the treetops. He’s got legitimate three point range, a bevy of one-on-one moves, a soft and accurate floater, and enough court sense to take advantage of the pressure he puts on opponents by dishing the ball to open teammates. He plays aggressive defense, but he relies a little too much on his ability to recover. He could also improve his shot selection by cutting out the closely covered threes and the off-balance leaners in the lane, even though they’re occasionally successful.

Michael Thompson - 6’10” 239 lbs. 8’9” reach C (Providence HS, Joliet, IL) DUKE verbal

There’s not much I can say about Michael’s head turning performance that hasn’t already been said. Michael was flat out awesome, and the best is obviously yet to come. Before the Nike Camp, I would have said that the seven most important things for big Mike to improve on were making himself bigger in the post, asserting himself on offense, playing more aggressively on defense and the boards, using his wide base to block out sneaky opposing board men, keeping his head in the game on defense every possession, playing stronger with the ball, and going harder to the hoop. Well, seven out of seven ain’t too shabby. If he keeps working his way down the list like this, Thompson could easily become the best true center of the Coach K era.

JR Morris - 6’4” 195 lbs. W (Washington HS, Milwaukee, WI) ILLINOIS verbal

JR is a mature-looking slashing wing with a real talent for putting the ball in the basket. Unless the opposition rotates their best defender on him and makes a concerted effort to stop him, he is good for at least 15 points every game. If you rest a minute on defense, this guy will light you up quicker than Joe Camel in a high school stairwell. JR may not be a pure shooter, but he can score from long range, short range and all points in between. He makes good decisions on the break and he isn’t adverse to giving the ball up to a cutting teammate. He has improved his handle and his defense, and he’ll challenge anyone on either side of the floor. The strongest and quickest players can give him some trouble, but he almost always dishes out more than he takes.

Hassan Adams - 6’4” 193 lbs. 8’2” reach W (Westchester HS, Los Angeles, CA)

Hassan was this Nike Camp’s human highlight reel with rockets in his legs and extensions in his arms. He’s a killer in transition, he attacks the hoop relentlessly, he fights underneath like a power forward, and he’s an expert at converting a challenged finished--with or without the harm. He makes quick decisions on the floor, he has a pretty slick handle, and he can hit from outside the arc. On the downside, he’s deeply in love with his dribble, and he needs to polish his half-court sense. Everything else this exciting player throws up seems to hit bottom.

Marques Hayden - 6’5” 240 lbs. 8’4” reach F (Putnam City HS, Oklahoma City, OK)

Marques was one of my favorite players at Nike and he will make some lucky college very happy with his strength, skills, toughness and heart. Let me be perfectly clear: Hayden is a winner. Yes, his dribble is too high and clumsy looking (but he protects it quite well), his perimeter shot is a little flat (but he still manages to knock in clutch threes), and he has some trouble guarding the quickest players on the perimeter (but he worked Stoudemire like Chris Carrawell worked Tim Duncan). Several evaluators call him a limited and undersized power forward. Do limited power forwards use their strength to penetrate tough perimeter defenses and then dish perfectly for an easy deuce? All this guy does is whatever his team needs. He gets after it on defense at four positions and gets the better of all but the quickest players. On offense, he hits jumpers, leaners and cutting teammates with equal proficiency, and he’s adept at drawing the foul. He runs the floor and finishes efficiently at full speed. Chris Carrawell-like toughness is back. Just call this guy money.

Greg Brunner - 6’6” 236 lbs. 8’7” reach F (Charles City HS, Charles City, IA) IOWA verbal

Brunner is a strong, highly skilled and deceptively athletic player who converted all doubters last week by showing off his combo forward skills and a flair for the transition game. Brunner has the interior moves and toughness that coaches love on the blocks, and a reach that allows him to play bigger than 6’6”. But last week he also showed the ability to knock down the mid to long range jumper, even off the dribble. And when he was covered too closely or he saw a lane to the hoop, Brunner used a combination of fakes and brute strength to get to the rim and draw fouls or finish strong. He protects the ball extremely well, and he can go right or left with almost equal dexterity. Greg is simply an excellent basketball player who always seems to get the most out of his size and skills.

Denham Brown - 6’4” 210 lbs. 8’3” reach W (Bathhurst Heights HS, Toronto, ONT, CAN)

Denham is a very strong and proficient perimeter scorer with a mature, cut body. He really gets up on his jump shot, and he’s accurate from midrange to way deep. He can put the ball on the floor and crash the hoop with the best in his class, employing a variety of head and ball fakes to have his way with even the finest defenders. Brown has good court sense, and he can find the open man with a bullet. He works extremely hard on defense. All he needs to become a dominant player is a more reliable handle and a stronger will to assert himself offensively and defensively on every possession.

Yusuf Baker - 6’7” 224 lbs. 8’9” reach BF (Evans HS, Orlando, FL)

Yusuf is a big, strong, quick athlete who showed some surprising skills--including a high post jumper with a nice release point. He’s an extremely aggressive rebounder who really gets after it on defense. His explosive springs and 7’5” wingspan allow him to hold his own against much taller players.

Kelenna Azubuike - 6’5” 201 lbs. 8’3” reach W (Victoria Christian HS, Tulsa, OK)

Kelenna showed good athleticism, a lot of scoring weapons and a really nice handle, but he did not perform his best at Nike. Perhaps his well-known NBA aspirations combined with the presence of his parents at every game had him pressing a little. He tried to complete some impossible plays, but not surprisingly, they remained impossible. Kelenna has a lot of tools, but he looks like he’s going to need a nice place to hone them for a couple years.

Eric Wilkins - 6’2” 182 lbs. 7’11” reach G (Oak Hill Academy, Pascataway, NJ)

Eric was always a jumping jack blur, but now he seems to have developed into a true combo. He had a real coming out party at Nike, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. He hit threes off the dribble, delivered crisp assists in the half court game, and led the break like Jason Kidd-lite. He’s really improved his passing and his handle in the last year, and he always been money finishing at the hole.

Eric Williams - 6’8” 286 lbs. 8’8” reach C (Rolesville HS, Wake Forest, NC) WAKE FOREST verbal

Williams is as good as an uncoached earthbound widebody gets. He knows how to get position near the hoop, he knows how to catch a feed, and he knows how to turn and score. In fact, his offensive game is kind of like shampoo instructions: “Turn, Shoot, Repeat.” With good coaching and better conditioning, the sky is the limit for Eric.

Cortez Davis - 6’6” 180 lbs. 8’4” reach WF (Hargrave Military Academy, Washington, DC)

Davis is a very thin and very athletic player who scores from all over the court, but who particularly likes to take his man off the dribble and convert a soft floater. He can create his shot at will against most competition. Yep, Cortez is a real killer. Just ask Gary Williams.

Julius Lamptey - 6’11” 307 lbs. 8’11” reach C (Northeast HS, Oklahoma City, OK)

First and foremost, this dude is huge. Julius is surprisingly mobile, and he played harder than I’ve ever seen him play. He holds his position without breaking a sweat, and he surprisingly and successfully asserts himself offensively. He's not that coordinated and he's not that fast, but that doesn’t seem to stop him from wreaking havoc on the opposition's frontcourt.

Bracey Wright - 6’2” 183 lbs. 8’1” reach WG (The Colony HS, Carrollton, TX)

Bracey was one of the most talented performers at Nike, but he mailed in the last half of the camp. He is one of the few players in his class who can create and convert his shot against just about any defense, but he lost his range in Indianapolis and with it, his motivation. Regardless, he’s a definite top 20 player who simply oozes offensive ability. He’s rumored to be close to signing with Indiana.

Matt Walsh - 6’6” 197 lbs. 8’4” reach W (Germantown Academy, Holland, PA) FLORIDA verbal

Matt is a tall, lanky, active and confident player. He has a wide array of scoring skills, and he’s never been afraid of using them too often. He has a solid handle, deep range, and an assortment of forays to the hoop, but he didn’t have the greatest Nike Camp and his usually valuable play didn't seem to make his teammates better.

Lester Abram - 6’5” 193 lbs. 8’3” reach W (Pontiac Northern HS, Pontiac, MI) MICHIGAN verbal

Abram is a scorer with good range and really nice skills. He’s a streaky shooter who can hit several threes one game and misfire the next, but he can get to the hole with the best in his class. I was pleasantly surprised to see him running his team for several reasonably successful stretches in Indianapolis. While Lester didn't dominate any games, he proved to be a skilled and athletic player who helps his team win.

Jordan Kent - 6’4” 185 lbs. 8’3” reach W (Winston Churchill HS, Eugene, OR)

This super-athletic track star wing plays like a coach’s son. The fact that his father, Ernie Kent, is the head coach of the Oregon Ducks may have something to do with this. Jordan is the first Oregonian high school athlete to sail over 25 feet in the long jump, and he holds several meet records in the 200-meter dash. But Jordan is more than just another world-class athlete who ran and jumped his way into the Nike Camp. He also has good court awareness, a legit handle and three-point range. These skills make him a true perimeter threat while his springs and his incredible 6’10” wingspan allow him to snag boards away from bigger prospects.

Aliou Kane - 6’8” 228 lbs. 9’0” reach BF/C (Blue Ridge School, Dyke, VA)

This rough-edged muscleman with ridiculously long arms really came ready to rumble. He's a fighter who does a lot down low. He sets picks, draws fouls, blocks shots, squeezes boards, pushes opponents around and even makes nifty interior passes. He is usually very careful to keep the ball high on offense. He can hit the baseline jumper with an incredibly high release. Aliou can still get a little wild with the ball, and he’s a bit too prone to foul or travel when making his unpolished offensive moves.

Chris McCray - 6’3” 156 lbs. 8’1” reach WG (Fairmont Heights HS, Landover, MD) MARYLAND verbal

Chris is a few pounds shy of a profile, but he still gets the job done at WG. Although he proved to be more than a little streaky over three days, there is no disputing that he can stroke it from way, way back. He excelled in the running game whether passing or finishing, and he showed a quick first step to initiate slithery drives. His dribble is pretty slick, but he has difficulty bringing up the ball against fierce pressure, and he really needs to add strength.

Keith Butler - 7’0” 230 lbs. C (North Cambridge Catholic, Medford, MA)

Keith is an athletic, defensive-minded, shot blocking big man with an emerging offensive game. His performance at Nike was up and down, but it’s hard to dispute his potential. When he’s not facing elite competition, he cleans up just about everything inside.

Brandon Bowman - 6’7” 189 lbs. 8’6” reach WF (Westchester HS, Santa Monica, CA)

Brandon impressed all observers with his full bag of WF tools. He could really use some meat on his bones, but he has the range, the handle, the hops, the athleticism, the confidence and the tenacity to become a big time college wing.

Ricky Cornett - 6’7” 224 lbs. 8’8” reach BF (Homewood Christian HS, Country Club Hills, IL)

Ricky has the determination, the body, the effort, the board work and a developing offensive game. But it sure isn't developed yet, and he's not particularly fast or bouncy. He cleans up the offensive boards, and he uses his body and strength very nicely to get and keep position in the paint.

Chris Ellis - 6’8” 257 lbs. 8’7” reach BF (Marietta HS, Roswell, GA)

This strong and athletic power forward has a world of potential. He skies for boards and slams down follow shots. He makes a lot of room for himself in the post and he works hard for rebounds. He doesn’t have tremendous range, but he knocks down midrange jumpers with good form and rotation. Chris doesn’t consistently assert himself offensively, and he has trouble finishing in traffic. He doesn’t have that quick burst to the hole that characterizes many of the finest post players, but with size at a premium this year, he’ll get some major looks.

Andrew Zahn - 6’7” 217 lbs. 8’3” reach F (Redondo Union HS, Hermosa Beach, CA)

This strong and skilled big man is developing combo-forward skills and should get some high major looks after his Nike performance. Andrew is a deceptively athletic player with surprising bounce and a pretty midrange jumper. He blocks shots, pokes away steals, and gets out on the break quickly. He’s a hard worker on defense and under the boards, and he is adept at drawing fouls when he attacks the hoop. If he keeps developing his perimeter game, we’ll be hearing a lot more about Zahn in years to come.

Wes Wilkinson - 6’8” 194 lbs. 8’7” reach F (Grand Island HS, Grand Island, NE) NEBRASKA verbal

Wes is a long, extremely thin team player who makes good decisions and who can score inside and out. He has a fine handle and good court sense. His perimeter shot is as polished as his fine post game. Basically, he has skills coming out of his ears. Add a generous helping of strength and bulk, and Wes becomes a consensus top 30 prospect. As it is, Nebraska still got quite a steal.

Sam Barber - 6’4” 182 lbs. 8’3” reach W (Lake Worth HS, Lake Worth, FL)

Sam can create his shot with relative ease, and he's not afraid to let it fly during crunch time. It doesn't always hit bottom, but he's active enough to ensure more chances and tenacious enough to keep trying until he succeeds. Barber stays active near the hoop where he uses his nice hops and long reach to rebound and/or convert easy chances. He has legitimate three-point range, and he loves to score in transition. He works hard on defense, and he seems to have a nose for the loose ball. He needs to improve his passing skills and shot selection.

Bernard Cote - 6’9” 225 lbs. BF/C (Champlain St. Lambert HS, St. Lambert, Quebec, CAN)

Bernard is an old school interior presence with a decent perimeter jumper. He boards, blocks, takes charges and banks it in. He's not a high-flying athlete, but he's a team player with a big body who knows how to do the dirty work.