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Odom Catchup!

a little catch-up on Dave Odom in Columbia,
as a few things begin to come
clear: a) he's in a football universe now, no matter what happens in the gym,
and b) status normal for Odom: he's got a team coming off an NIT
appearance. We'll see what he does. It's not that Odom's a bad coach - he
did a great job at Wake in many respects - but he's never proven he's a great
coach. Now he's got some significant talent.

At heart, no matter what PR forces him to say, Odom is an ACC guy, which
explains statements like this: "SEC basketball is equally interesting and highly
followed." It may be equally interesting, (then again, it may not)
but it's not equally followed, and the very verbose Coach Odom will likely never
say that it is.

Peepers has also identified his new team's leader.