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We were certainly surprised Saturday when we scooted over to Ben Sherman's
site and got this big message about how he's merging with Inside Carolina.
We never expected to see that happen. Ben is a good guy, and let's just say he
has been periodically tossed on the waves that constitute UNC sports
media. But we're sure he's doing what's best for his site. We also
happen to have met the guys who ran Inside Carolina. We're not sure
exactly who runs it now, but we know at least one of the old guys does, and we
actually hosted Ben for a significant period of time on our server,way back when.

This means, of course, that decisions will be made by committee, paper
trails, and the whole 9 yards. It's not our ideal way to do things, but it works
for a lot of people. And we're not big fans of premium plans -- we've
avoided that so far -- but again, in the current market, there's not too many