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A Hero Emerges In California

Ok. There is a general idea in this disappointed culture that there are no
more heroes, that it's all done for, there's no one worth looking up to. Noted
Deadhead John Kasich has a show on Fox which deals with refuting this idea, but
he's too loopy to really pull it off. But he's on the right track - there
are heroes, and plenty of them, they just don't chug up the popularity charts
because we tend to be more fascinated with notoriety than nobility these

Well, here's a guy who did something heroic: he benched his whole team -
actually, the varsity, junior varsity and freshmen teams because while they were
winning, and winning big, they weren't going to class.

The result? Well, it's pretty heroic if you ask us. His kids are going
to college, the entire school has turned around, and he is saving lives.
What more could you possibly ask for from a man? In a sweet postscript for
the coach, his son has been accepted at West Point. Our guess is he'll
enjoy the lax discipline there.

Just kidding. But the guy is smart enough to point out that in all of
pro sports, there are only 2,400 jobs, and that Microsoft alone has produced
15,000 millionaires. He deserves a lot of praise. Check
out his website, too.
This guy should be speaking at Nike and adidas.
What he has to say is vastly more important than the various talent pimps who
scuttle around.