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More Camp Notes

A couple of quick point guard stories - first
more on the Dockery/Felton matchup
from Russ Blake. And in another
story, here's more on Sebastian
Telfair kicking Anthony Roberson's ass.

And in a big-man development, Eric Williams, who had said he was down to Wake
and N.C. State, now
says he's down to Wake and UNC
. Apparently Doherty liked what he saw, let
him know, and Williams says UNC has always been his favorite anyway.

In some other camp news,
Lebron James says
"some article here said that I was looking at going
to the NBA after my junior year. I never said that. At all. I don't know what
that was all about. Right now I'm going to college."

article was by Steve Politi,
a guy not prone to making up quotes, and even
Lebron's mom said that "I know my son really wants to be the first junior
to go (in the NBA Draft)," and Lebron, while he didn't exactly say it, he
admitted some interest. Presumably, his mom has some insight into her son, but
whatever, we'll all know soon enough.