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All The Recruiting News

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Here are the recruiting themes of the day: not everyone gets to go where they
want, it doesn't pay to say you got offered when you didn't, and easy come easy
go. What's this about? Ok, well Anthony Roberson is miffed that Duke preferred Dockery, the Stewarts
have not been offered, though they said they were, and Cortez Davis has stiffed
the Terps, who had started to plan around him. He says he rushed it, and is opening his recruiting back up.

Roberson is mad that Duke didn't offer a scholarship.
He says he doesn't
understand it, and that Duke was where he always wanted to go. It's
actually a useful lesson to learn, that just because you think it's right
doesn't make it right. He might have done well at Duke, who knows, but for
whatever reason, Duke wasn't as excited about it as he obviously was.
Anyway, he had a tough time keeping
up with Sebastian Telfair
, who, if we remember correctly, is Stephon
Marbury's cousin, and who is generating an enormous buzz even though he's 15.
When you got it, you got it.

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Incidentally, Lodrick and Rodrick Stewart are now saying, well, they
haven't actually been offered.
That could irritate a coach, too,
because his other recruits might not be so happy to hear two spots are gone.

In camp news, Raymond
Felton and Sean Dockery went head-to-head,
with Felton's team winning.
who confusingly says on the one hand that "nobody can stop me
from going where I want to go and doing what I want to do," then on the
other says "I'm not saying I'm better than everyone else, but I'm holding
my ground." Make up your mind!

Dockery says he's the best, though, and they are also pals.

Dave Telep has an article up about sleepers
who are waking up
, and has some continued kind comments for Michael
Thompson. Most interestingly, though, Cortez
Davis has dumped the Terps,
saying he "rushed into it."
Unfortunately for Maryland, as a Terp reader reminded us the other day, JR
Morris, who was interested in the same position, has committed to the Illini.
Whoops! Maybe this is karma for the way Tamir Goodman was treated.

More comments about Michael Thompson in the Cortez article.

UNC target Lenny
Cook is really coming on,
according to Kurt O' Neill.

In some other news, Sean
May is dropping hints that he's IU bound.
Remember how we said, a
while back, that Bob Knight had essentially limited Indiana recruiting to about
three states? Not by choice, but because the rest of us out here had a
different opinion of him than those who were closer to ground central. If you
want to sum up the basic non-Indiana take on Knight (Lubbock now excluded), it's
this: who in their right mind wants to deal with this nut?

Latest evidence that things have changed: John Gilchrist of Virginia may
commit to Indiana. That could have never happened with Knight there. More
proof that IU basketball is entering a renaissance.

Latest evidence that things have not changed much in the sleazy side of the
game: the
hustlers who gather around guys like Amare Stoudemire.
This is not a
nice story, but Dan Wetzel should be praised for telling it.