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Catching Up - Nice Note From The Mail Bag!

We got a nice note from Ron in Vancouver we'd like to pass on:

"It's really too bad that the Grizzlies are leaving Vancouver, because Shane Battier would have fit right in with that city we think." (DBR)

Bang on! Vancouver would have loved Shane and I think Shane would have really taken to Vancouver. Canadians tend to embrace those who embrace us,
and we would have LOVED having Shane here.

A lot of the players who have come here have embarrassed themselves with their ignorance. They complain about the funny looking money. They complain about the television stations.

On his first trip to Vancouver, Othella Harrington wore a full-length fur coat ... in June. George Lynch complained that he couldn't find any grocery stores. And on, and on and on. I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have heard any of that from Shane.

Tragic that he'll be in Memphis instead of Vancouver. One of life's cruel jokes that after going through almost 300 losses in 6 years, they draft Shane and move the franchise to Memphis. The server blowing up may be a blessing in disguise. To quote another Canadian, Joni Mitchell, "You don't what you've got 'till it's gone." I miss DBR. I love what you guys do. Thank you.

Thank YOU, Ron! That bucks us up. And a special thanks to James for working so hard to get the site back up. Most people don't realize how hard he works to keep this site going. Well, it's pretty hard, and we appreciate it. If you do, too, drop him a line and tell him so. He's going to put a hard weekend of work into fixing things and nice thoughts are appreciated: