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Catching Up - Barkley For The Duke Hall of Fame

In case you missed Charles Barkley's moment of greatness, when Kenny Smith said something about Duke-UNC, Barkley said this:
"Hey, kid, we've got bad news for you. It's not a rivalry any more. Duke's a lot better than Carolina. There's no rivalry any more."

As Lenox Rawlings says, Kenny Smith couldn't find words to respond. It was sweet, what can we say. Rawlings has some interesting comments, as
, so check him out.

Which reminds us: Brendan Haywood had some smarmy comments about Duke and UNC players, saying UNC players always get the last laugh. Fortunately for Haywood, a) the rivalry is dead, and b) Duke only wins small-time tourneys anyway....

When the site does get back online, we have a very special contributor, as Kenny Dennard has written an article about his opinion of the game and the draft. As you'd expect from Kenny, it's provocative.

And speaking of the draft, Kwame Brown is getting the full treatment in D.C. Here's an interesting article with the sad revelation that
his father may watch his entire career on TV in prison.

Small trivia point: what is the Grizzlies GM's connection to the ACC? Hint - it was fleeting and nearly disastrous.

While everyone is yacking about the early draft picks and high schoolers, no one is really saying much about Ousmane Cisse potentially wrecking his career. This guy is an athletic freak. To be a 2nd round pick is a joke. He really, really screwed up. His guardian has a lot to answer for.