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Catching Up - Post-Draft News

It's really too bad that the Grizzlies are leaving Vancouver, because Shane Battier would have fit right in with that city we think. On the other hand, though, being a really articulate guy in a new city is not a bad thing. Memphians will love Battier. Hilariously, Battier immediately began praising FedEx, which is of course based in Memphis.

In other Duke news, the Bulls shipped Elton Brand out, and he seems happy to be with the Clippers and old pal Corey Maggette. The Clippers now have the highest concentration of former Dukies of any team in the league, with Brand, Maggette, and Cherokee Parks.

In one of the riskier moves, the Rockets went after Eddie Griffin. Better get some boxing gloves! They yinged and yanged him by picking Terence Morris, almost the opposite in temperament. Loren Woods, who sat and sat and sat, got very lucky when Minnesota picked him. Since they lost their first pick to an angry David Stern, who took it away in the Joe Smith scam, they were no doubt thrilled to get him where they did. Putting him on the same front line as Kevin Garnett will be quite athletic, and they needed a big man. The Grizzlies got Battier of course, and Will Solomon, and also Pau Gasol, the Euro phenom, and Antonis Fotsis of Greece. We totally missed the trade of Mike Bibby for Sacto's Jason Williams, who will be getting close to home, since he's from West Virginia. He'll have lots to work with if he can control himself. Rodney White fell all the way to #9 and the Pistons, which means he gets to fight with Jerry Stackhouse for the ball. Woo