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Where Did This Come From?

Mike DeCourcy has some odd comments up about Shane Battier. In a column about Rodney White, who is making a huge impression
in his workouts, DeCourcy says this:

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"The second step was to think really hard about Shane Battier. He will be much better than many realize because he is a better athlete than they think. He is not a good shooter for his position; he is a great shooter. And though there is a general suspicion he will pursue other interests after building up some wealth with a short NBA career, Battier is committed to the game. He will play at least a decade and will play at a high level. "

It's amazing to us the stuff that people come up with. Who has that general suspicion? We've never heard that thought,
and we're closer to the ground than DeCourcy. That's out of left field.