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DBR - Matchmaker of Marriages

To explain our picture on the Front Page, we got a great e-mail from one of our readers, Eric Johnson, and we wanted to share it with you!

"A while back, you guys posted info on the '99 Wooden Classic and tickets being available. Through an interesting sequence, I went to the game (and met a couple of you), but also ended up being introduced to a woman I'll marry on Saturday. She's a Michigan grad and a sports fan, so we have had some fun during the Duke-Michigan games (I repeat the early score of the most recent game to her on a regular basis).

"Instead of traditional "cake toppers" of a bride & groom, we have plastic "army men" (really gladiator types with shields and swords), who've been painted with Duke's and Michigan's colors.

"In any case... thanks for being there. Without you, I'd have never met

- Eric Johnson, '85

Our pleasure, Eric, and best wishes to you and Linda for a wonderful life together!

Eric also sent us the following picture of where they will be married on Saturday, the beautiful and historic chapel at Yosemite National Park.