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Rozier Arrested

Rozier has been arrested.
The former Heel and Louisville Cardinal was on the
lam, charged with grand theft auto. Not a good move to steal a police car
but leave your ID when you take off.

We'd also like to point out that merely being drafted high guarantees
nothing. Rozier was in the league, as was William Bedford and Dontonio Wingfield.
They made a fair amount of money. It's gone, and all three have serious legal
problems. Just as a for-instance for those who agree with the bozo at Mt. Zion
who said that "everything after eighth grade is a repeat anyway: does
anyone think that Shane Battier, Jason Williams, Terence Morris, will have to
play basketball to make a living? They all can, and they'll all do well, we
hope, but all three will finish college, and all three, if they never play a day
in the NBA, are prepared to join the rest of us in working for a living.
Moreover, if they lost everything, they are equipped (or will be in Jason's
case) to start over again.

What do Rozier, Bedford, and Wingfield do now? What about Korleone Young and Leon

Ricky Price never became the player we thought he would, but Ricky is an
educated man and can do a lot of things with the rest of his life. A man
who can only make a living with physical labor, and who can't make a decent
living doing that, well, how different is that from a field hand?

It seems so obvious that an education pays off, if only in teaching someone
how to manage money, but that message doesn't get out very well anymore.