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Landreth On The Rivalry

Eddy Landreth has an article up on ACC Today about how the Duke-UNC
rivalry is heading into the future
with the likes of J.J. Redick and Raymond
. Pretty clearly, they've caught the bug.

Landreth argues that Matt Doherty is recruiting well enough to put UNC's
talent on the same level as Duke's, an observation we have made as well.
But he's not there as a bench coach yet, and specifically he's not there in how
he presents himself. When things are going poorly, his body language
projects anything but confidence. Duke has an advantage on the bench and
probably will for some time to come.

However, as he matures and learns, Doherty will likely recognize his
weaknesses and work to improve them.

Incidentally, we learned during the course of the season that Matt Doherty is
well aware of this site.

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