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Women's Rumblings From UVa

Virginia is losing a couple of frosh guards from this year's squad,
Kristin Ambrose and Chelsea Whitaker. Ambrose was a
non-factor for much of the year, while Whitaker started a bunch of games
but struggled on offense. With Cherise Graham transferring in from Purdue,
the handwriting was clearly on the wall.
More disturbingly, there's been a lot of talk on the UVa boards of late
about Schuye LaRue leaving school. I have heard through a source very
close to LaRue that she is planning to leave school in order to play
basketball overseas. Anyone who read an article last year in the
Washington Post knows that LaRue doesn't like college and thought about
jumping last year. She doesn't like playing center (even though she
excels at it) and would rather play on the perimeter (where she often
turns the ball over and airballs three attempts). Losing LaRue could
very well knock UVa into the ACC's second division for the first time in
memory. There's been no official announcement, so stay tuned.