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It's Time For The Classic!

This weekend is the
Duke Children's Classic,
and that's always a good time and a chance to do
some good as well.

This year, the field includes Johnny Unitas, LeRoy Walker, Brett Butler, Jim
Boeheim, Lou Waters, uber-agent David Falk, and John Daly, among

Duke-wise, there's Jenny Chuasiriporn, David Henderson, Anthony Dilweg, Mark
Alarie, Wojo, Collins, and Dawkins, Carl Franks, the G-man, Mike Gminski, Kenny
Dennard, Gene Banks, Bucky Waters, and Jay Bilas.

As he has for some time, Jay Foxworthy is here, and he has been really

If you have time today or tomorrow, it's shaping up to be a beautiful
weekend, so why not go out and catch some golf and some entertainment? And the
money you give will go to a great cause.