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More On That Trophy

We did know what the trophy on the front page today was (our joke was that it's one more thing to put on the shelf), but didn't know the history. Jeremy corrects us! Thanks Jeremy!

Hi guys, Just wanted to let you know know, if you didn't already, a little
about the Winged Foot Award which was given last night to Coach K. at the
New York Athletic Club. The event was great! In case you don't know, the
award is given each year to the coach who wins the NCAA championship. The
New York Athletic Club has a great history that has given it the reputation
of being the top Athletic Club in the country. It has sponsored more
Olympians than any other club and over the years and its members have won
more Olympic Gold than all but 4 or 5 COUNTRIES. Needless to say, there is
a lot of history there.

Billy Packer was the M.C. and presentations were made about Coach K. by
Hurley, Wojo, Chris Collins, Elton, Ryan Caldbeck, J.D. Simpson, Mike Jarvis
and Pam Valvano. Mrs. Valvano's speach was quite an emotional one and truly
showed how close K. was to Jimmy V and the effect that Jimmy had on Coach's
career and life as a whole. Shane was not there -- I assume he is at NBA
camps, but hopefully next year (cross your fingers) he'll be there too.
During the reception before the banquet, Coach K was out meeting and talking
to people, and signing memorabilia (I got my Cameron Floor plaque signed).

It really was one of the most fun and special nights (besides the one on
April 2nd) I have ever experienced. I am looking forward to going back next
year for the encore. The way that all of the former players, (and current
coaches) along with Coach K. handled themselves was a testament to how
classy they are and how special the Duke program is. It was truly special.

I thought you would just want to know a little about the picture on your
front page.

Jeremy Kahn