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Donovan Gets Concerned

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You can put Billy Donovan down in the David Stern/Mike Krzyzewski camp: he
wants something done about the early entry situation.
His argument is
somewhat lessened by saying "the bottom line is, the coaches get hurt with the way everything is set

Well, gee, if the game is about the coaches, then yeah. But it's
not, or at least it shouldn't be. There are always going to be (we hope) great
coaches, but they depend on the game, not vice-versa.

Anyway, it's good to have someone else on-board. Donovan also says that until
TV starts losing money no one will do anything, but with about 310 jobs available,
and a number of those locked up with long-term contracts, it's hard to see how
things can get much worse than they already are.

To follow up on that a bit, here's an Andy Katz article which talks about who
will win and lose next year after the NBA defections.
Duke is
prominent on his list.

Note to Andy: it's Melchionni, not Milkioni. That's M-e-l-c-h-i-o-n-n-i.