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FITS visits the Octagon Investigation

FITS has just received an urgent bulletin from the UNC Department of Integrity: after a lengthy investigation (which FITS thinks must have included at least the clinkage of a few martini glasses) the sleuths over at the University of Nolo Contendere have concluded that there was absolutely no impropriety in Joe Forte's mother taking a job with a sports agency firm, Octagon. FITS almost fell over in his own larvae when he read a statement issued by the former chairman of Octagon: "We never had any conversation with her (Wanda Hightower, Forte's mom) about her son or where her son would sign....her work had nothing to do with her son's future."

So wasn't FITS shocked, just really, really shocked, when he found that Joe Forte had chosen Octagon as the firm to represent him! That is some kind of coincidence! Imagine's heartwarming actually.....Joe looks far and wide to find the best firm to separate him from the maniacal rantings of Whimpering Matt, and lo and behold, the company he picks just happens to employ his mom! FITS remembers Lassie episodes which didn't end this happily.

What especially amuses FITS is his recollection of the indignation Tarhole fans spewed when Larry Brown managed to entice North Carolina high school star Danny Manning to Kansas by hiring his father as an assistant coach. "Outrageous," cried the apoplectic baby blues. "Wouldn't ever happen here" shrieked the aggreived masses, failing to note the delicious irony that Wandering Larry was a Nasal Dean disciple himself.