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Thad On Fandom

Thad Williamson writes for Ben Sherman's site periodically, and his current
article we appreciate for a number of reasons, but
particularly the conclusion.
We have been Duke fans long enough to remember
when there were only a handful of people at the games when they were over, and
everyone who was there knows who they are. What he's talking about in his
conclusion are true fans, and whether Duke fans or UNC fans, we respect people
who stick by their team in thick or thin. We are thrilled that Duke is
doing so well these days, but we're also very aware that a lot of people are
fans because they are doing well. If the good times are not as good, we
hope most of those will stick around to make things better, but realistically
that may not happen. So we appreciate what Thad says and suggest that fans
of all teams follow his lead.