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Notes From The Dark Side

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On the heels of the David Stern article linked yesterday comes
another long piece on early entries
, with comments from a number of
prominent people, including Shavlik Randolph's dad. And in another example of a
guy who shouldn't have to work, former Missouri star Derrick
Chievous has been arrested for stealing from his workplace
, UPS.

Chievous, a former first round draft pick who didn't have a huge career,
nonetheless made good money for a few years. After basketball he had the sense
to finish school, but then all this.

We only mention it because he's the third or fourth first-round draft pick
lately to get in trouble with the law, and we only mention that because
of the insistence lately that everyone would be stupid not to rush into the NBA.
Well, Chievous, Clifford Rozier, Dontonio Wingfield, and Leon Smith probably all
wish they had made better foundations for their lives.

Finally, Brett Friedlander of the Fayetteville paper has a significant rip up
of both Joseph Forte and Jason Capel, essentially calling them both selfish
who don't know how good they had it.