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Dascenzo Rips Heels Fans; Latest On Forte

Frank Dascenzo has an article up which
just rips UNC fans
- at least the ones jumping ship - over
their reaction to Forte's departure
. It's one of the few times that
the fan criticisms of UNC partisans has made it into the media. If you
don't read anything else this weekend, read this one. Well, unless you pull for
UNC, that is. Then you might skip it.

Speaking of Forte, his
mom's job has become an issue,
and his evasiveness over it makes you wonder.
She has worked there for a year or more, yet Forte said he wasn't sure how long
she had been there and said you'd have to ask her, because he'd been down in
Chapel Hill.

There were some whispers about his new 70,000 dollar car as well, but that's
no big deal. He said he had relatives who made him a loan, but he knew he was
coming out and getting a car is easy when you tell the salesman that you're
about to take a job which offers you several million dollars.