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The Latest On Forte

Here's more on
Forte's status
- the consensus, pretty much across the board, is that he's
gone, gone gone. With the departure of Brendan Haywood and Max Owens, and
Peppers and Curry expected to stick with football, that really leaves UNC in a
bind. Or does it?

Actually, they may not be as bad as it looks now. They'll be young as they've
ever been, true. But if they can get decent minutes out of Lang and Fingleton in
the post, then they can work with Capel, Jawad Williams, Brian Morrison,
Jackie Manuel, and Melvin Scott. That's a 7 man rotation, and if
they can all play well, then that's enough. It's a more athletic team than
they've had since Jamison and Carter left, too. And while he's not done
much so far, Brian Bersticker's on attribute is that he's fast. If he
somehow advances (hasn't happened yet), then a Bersticker/Capel/Williams/Manuel/Morrison-Scott
lineup is probably as athletic as just about anyone in the ACC. Experience
is an issue, but there is some talent there.

Nonetheless, a lot of folks will have scores to settle with UNC, and may see
this season as the year to really stick it to them.

Herman Wendorff has an interesting column up on why
Forte is leaving for the wrong reasons.
In essence, he says he can't take
it, and if he's right, it's not like the NBA is going to be easier.

Forte's mom has
taken a job with a sports agency,
and he is expected to sign with that
company, Octagon.