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A Sad Loss

One of the oddities of this site is how often the sense of belonging to
something bigger than ourselves goes into places we don't expect.
Periodically we find ourselves required to discuss what would normally not be
news for DBR, but rather personal family news. But in many cases, family, for
us, and especially Julio, is so intertwined with Duke that it's really not
possible to separate the two easily. And so it is with great sadness that
we have to report another death in Julio's family, not because of a need for
sympathy, but because it will strike a chord with many of you who know members
of the Warner and Hart families. Julia Hart Warner died yesterday in Charlotte
after a long illness.

She was a graduate of Duke, and her husband was a graduate of Duke Medical
School, where he was a classmate of Julia's sister, Elizabeth. They sent
their sons Deryl and John to Duke undergrad, and Deryl attended Duke Medical
School, as did his older brother Charles.

It's trite to say that losing a loved one hurts, because of course it does,
and you can't get the essence of a person across in words, unless you're really
brilliant. But what we'd like to say about Julia is this: she never said
an unkind word about anyone, literally. We never even heard her raise her
voice. She raised four doctors and a nurse, and three of the five are married,
and their marriages are sound and joyous, which speaks well of their
parents. For those of you who know John, he will be getting married soon
in what will now be a bittersweet ceremony.

We'd like to say a lot more about her, including how much her family is
grieving her loss, but we wouldn't know where to begin, and it's not like our
loss is more painful than yours have been. If you didn't know any of the Warners,
thank you for indulging us. If you did and would like to send a card, the
address is 2600 Sharon Rd, Charlotte, NC 28211.

Julia is survived by her husband, Chuck, sons Charles, Deryl, Harrison and
John, and daughter Mary Louise. She also leaves seven lovely grandchildren, three brothers, and two sisters.