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Flattery Is The Sincerest Form Of....Something

Here is a hilarious excerpt from Eddy Landreth's latest column on Thanks for the compliment, you Heels! If you're going to rip us off, though, you ought to consider our very favorite cheer of know the one ;)

There is a rather odd happening at the Smith Center these days. The students who stand behind the basket near the Carolina bench have taken to chanting in the fashion of the Duke students at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

The problem is the UNC kids' act come off as a cheap imitation of their rivals in Durham. It's really rather embarrassing.

But even worse is the basketball team itself. The Tar Heels have started slapping the floor to show the world they are going to play defense.

That, too, is something done at Cameron.

Duke rules the college-basketball world these days, but the Tar Heels would be better served to look to their own traditions rather than performing poor imitations of their rival.