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ACC Roundup

UNC is off to Rupp
to face Kentucky,
who came to UNC last year at 1-3 and turned their season
around. Matt Doherty is looking forward to it but worries that the road
may get to his young team.

State's young team
is off to Syracuse
to find out if you can shoot -30% against a zone and
win. Probably not. Syracuse will be 2-0 in the ACC by days' end.
Josh Powell is emerging
as a serious player, which can only help
State. Syracuse
is not particularly frightened.

Wake had a light game Friday night, playing masochistic S.C. State and blowing
them out.

gets Detroit tomorrow,
but they are dealing with Byron Mouton's tragedy and
the focus is an issue. At Tech, Isma'il
is smack in the middle of Ramadan, which is a challenge for an
athlete since he can't have any fluids or food in the daytime.

has shown signs of life
, albeit against weak teams. Steve Robinson
sees progress, he says, and wants it to translate to the road. And
that would suit Pete Gillen fine as well.