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ACC Roundup

State finally hit a
few shots and pummeled an opponent it should pummel,
which is good news as
the Pack heads to Syracuse this weekend. Marcus Melvin had the rarest of
Wolfpack accomplishments under Herbert Sendek - a perfect shooting game.
Josh Powell shot well also. About time, Pack!

Alfred "The Butler" Hamilton says that writers shouldn't
second-guess coaches on personnel decisions, but
then goes ahead and does it
and also predicts Brian Morrison is an NBA draft
pick. Audacity, audacity, always audacity, as one of the French King Louis'
said, but Brian Morrison has some settling down to to first. And over the
next few years, UNC will have Morrison, Manuel, Scott, McCants, Felton,
Boone, and Holmes to squeeze into the game. The last two will slide towards the
end of the bench as recruiting over players becomes a quaint notion of the Smith
era, but that's still a lot of guards.