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ACC Roundup

Wake felt like they let one get away when Kansas
won Tuesday night
, and they're probably right. So where does Wake
stand now? Well, they beat Arkansas at Arkansas, should have beaten Syracuse,
and could have beaten Kansas. Incidentally, remember how surprised
everyone (including us) was when Wilmington nearly beat them? Maybe it wasn't a
fluke: Wilmington took out Minnesota last night. They still need to learn
how to close the deal, but basically, this is a good team, as we thought they'd
be. No shame in losing at Lawrence.

Carolina fans, who were despondent before the Tech game, could be too
far in the other direction now.
Beating a youthful, short Tech
team is not exactly 8 points in 16 seconds. Stasis, boys, stasis. Maybe
that's what Eddy
Landreth is for.

major sophomore slump has hit the 'Noles
as Michael Joiner and J.D. Bracy
are a combined 3-25 so far. Hey, with that kind of offense, they could play for
N.C. State instead of FSU! Two-sport star Adrian McPherson, who is an
excellent QB and also a fine basketball player, will join
the team
but not play until after FSU's bowl game. He's really an
intriguing player.

In some used-to-be-in-the-ACC-news, Lefty's
Georgia State team upset Georgia last night.
Lefty may get
a crack at UNC in that raggedy Tournament of Champion thingy, where UNC invites
a couple of (supposed) patsies and shows off for the rubes in Charlotte.
Think he'd relish that?

State continues its Sendekian tradition of scheduling patsies, and Wofford
takes it to a new level
, bringing two head coaches to the court. The
offense still stinks,
at least so far, and the
student newspaper is uneasy.
Our impression of Clemson was that they were
vastly improved. Wofford almost took them. State better not fool around
tonight; a loss to Wofford would be devastating.

Incidentally, and this is not a knock on Maryland, but
the win over Illinois was put into perspective
by the Illini's loss to
Arizona. Clearly this group (Illinois, not Maryland) is not yet mentally tough. If you want to
evaluate Maryland's progress, it's better to look at the wins over UConn,
Princeton, and Temple - 12, 8 and 8 point wins. This weekend's game
against Detroit may not be a walk in the park, by the way. That's become a solid
program recently.